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did you miss me? >> that is so great. a really pure kind of love, the love the dogs have. that's all we have. thanks a lot for being with us. this is a fox news alert. it could happen at any moment. the commander in chief sending a clear message that he, quote, has an obligation to act on syria. although at this hour, the president insisting he hasn't made up his mind. leland vittert has the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: it seems like it is going to happen at night, and every night since this cries i has begun, people here and in israel have waited with baited breath trying to see when they may strike. the newspapers have it the best, the headline in hebrew, now comes the tense wait is what it
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says, with picture lining up for gas masks, all over, people in israel lined up for gas masks in case president assad decides to make good on his threat to have tel aviv burned. obviously they have a large chemical weapons stockpile they can draw from if they chose to attack israel. not everyone got gas masks, and people as the weekend sets in are nervous about that. the military is on alert, earned the iron dome missile defense position into position to protect not only the northern part of the country but tel aviv. israeli military cancelled weekend leave for a number of essential soldiers saying they have to stay on base on alert. it is a fine line between being prepared and keep the public from panicking. inside syria, we know the syrian military has used the past couple days to move men and equipment, evacuate
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headquarters, anything they think could be a target. they're trying to clear out, including moving skud missiles into mountainous positions with launchers to possibly retaliate, making it hard for the united states to destroy a lot of the syrian military quickly. we're hearing they moved some chemical weapons stockpile out of their storage facility into other facilities, that could complicate targeting for the u.s. military. they want to be sure they don't hit those stock piles and have the chemical weapons then released in that area. probably the big thing coming in the next couple hours is the u.n. weapons inspectors, they have been on the ground in syria the past couple days now taking samples, trying to conclude what type of gas was used, those type of things. they concluded all their work on friday in damascus. saturday morning, which it already is in the middle east, they're expected to leave. that would be the last obstacle in terms of ordering a military strike or one of the things that
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the president was waiting for in terms of getting anybody to be taken hostage out of syria before any type of military strike happens. there's certainly a feeling this could happen any minute. as one commentator said, he said after listening to john kerry's speech, he said time for the talk to end and tomahawks to fly. greta? >> leland, thank you. what does the declassified u.s. intelligence show? chief correspondent james rosen joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what's the information we got today? >> a four page unclassified dossier, called u.s. government assessment of syrian government's use of chemical weapons on august 21st. that off the bat is a little unusual. these kind of documents don't usually carry the title a u.s. government assessment. we were told this is a product of the intelligence community. normally they take the form of
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national intelligence estimates. so that's strange off the bat. it is divided into four sections, the background of the chemical weapons program, preparations for the attack, duration of the attack, and intelligence relating to the post attack period. the preparations for the attack is very interesting. the report states flatly in three days prior to the attack, we, the united states intelligence community, collected streams of human signal angie oh spacial intelligence that reveal regime activities in preparation for chemical attack. that raises the question, you were collecting this information, you say three days prior to the attack, we collected these streams. did anyone raise a warning? if so, how high up the chain did that go. if not, why not? what we have heard back from the intelligence community after questioning them on this is that it didn't really make sense as to what it was all about until afterward. >> i suspect also there's a risk, it is so much easier, 20/20 behind sight, what would
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we have done if we had three days, that's the first thing. the second thing is maybe we hear it all the time, that particular information, and it is in bits and pieces. it is a lot easier to figure out later, so it seems so obvious later. >> you know from covering so many of these things that one of the first things that gets sounded after there's a catastrophic event, oh, but there was a warning. one other oddity about this four-page document we received, it says at the bottom of page one, i quote, we will continue to seek additional information to close gaps in our understanding of what took place. what are those gaps? >> in looking at the document and obviously it is not fully declassified, secretary kerry said that today, is there anything there like what isn't in there and why isn't it in there or not? >> for example, they make reference to intercepts from the post attack period whereby we learned that officials in the syrian government were calling up members of the unit that actually is in charge of the
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chemical weapons and in essence saying why did you do this, and also during the attack, in fact, an intercept to the effect showing there was an order to cease use of chemical weapons. but how we got the intercepts, what they actually say, how we process them, a lot of that is missing from here. as they always do, they cite sources and methods. >> he made plain that he and barack obama are certain, highly confident chemical weapons were used and used by the assad regime. the only question is can they persuade capitol hill and whether or not it is wise to do anything. >> will they wait for a chance to persuade capitol hill? capitol hill doesn't come back here until monday. >> indeed it doesn't. we know what the brits think, nato said no, the brits say no, the u.n. says they're going to wait, and secretary kerry said today that the u.n. -- they're determining whether there were chemical weapons used, not who used them, which is, of course, a significant issue.
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but anyway, james, thank you. >> thank you. today, senator mike lee tweeting if the president cannot convince congress the syrian crisis threatens our national security, military intervention should be off the table. senator lee, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> what does the president have to do to convince you, sir, what's needed? >> well, he has to demonstrate to me and other members of congress that this is in the national security interest of the american people, of americans themselves, not just that mr. assad is a bad guy. we know that. we know that to be true, but that doesn't justify putting our own people in harm's way, it doesn't justify our own military intervention. he needs to show us that it is in our military interest, in our national security interest that we've got to do this. i would add to that, he needs to come to congress and make that case to congress. >> to play devil's advocate, seems unlikely for a limited strike our people would be in
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harm's way. the question of national security, again to play devil's advocate with you is a rather fluid concept, and some might, and if you want to be very fluid about it, you might say any sort of danger to israel is in our national security since we're so close to israel, or refugees going to turkey and jordan and that is going on and creating instability and has impact on national security. national security is a fluid concept depending who is arguing for it. do you agree or disagree with that? >> sure, sure, maybe there's fluidity in the context, but he hasn't even been making the case, i haven't heard the case for americans' national security. i heard it violates some abstract international norms. that's fine for academic discussion. but greta, use of military force is the most serious exercise of our national sovereignty and it can't be taken without the support of congress and support of the american people. >> one of the things i would be looking for if i were in
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congress in terms of not just the issue of whether or not it meets some national security test or whether it means as national security, what are we going to achieve by it. that's an extremely important thing. if we go in, and if we're not looking for regime change, assad will still be there, not hitting the chemical stock piles for obvious reasons, and tomahawk missiles in there, can't get underground bunkers, what do we hope to achieve at the end of the day. that's what i would demand from the president, tell me what we're going to get. >> that's right. he can't promise any particular outcome that makes americans safer. using force in syria for the sake of maintaining the president's own personal credibility is simply not a strong enough reason to intervene. if he can't tell us what victory looks like, if he can't show us that victory will make us safer, he has absolutely no business
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getting our military personnel involved in a conflict, one that could prove very costly, not only in dollars but in terms of potentially lives. >> it would be 200 cruise missiles, a million and a half a piece shot, the raw material of cruise missiles. i don't know if that's remotely close, but i know this would be costly. in the event the president doesn't get approval or authorization from congress and does it like, you know, other presidents before have done it, what are you going to do? >> well, i don't know. i will say this, this is in town hall meetings i have been conducting throughout my state of utah the last few weeks, people throughout my state are really upset about this. they do not want the president going to war without congress' authorization. i'm not sure what the consequence will be, but the
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consequences will be there. it may come in the form of a funding decision, they may come in some other form, but he will face consequences if he does this. >> what's the difference between a cruise missile into syria and drone into yemen? >> well, you know, they're different equipment platforms. >> i don't mean that, i mean the idea of the authority of the president. >> here we're talking about some kind of military action designed to weaken the military infrastructure of an incumbent government on foreign sovereign soil. regardless how you define an act of war, at some point you cross into threshold of a war when you're trying to topple or at least weaken the incumbent government of a foreign sovereign nation when acting on foreign soil and that's what he's proposing here in one way or another. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much.
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>> what would an attack on syria look like? what military do we have in the region? major general joins us this evening. >> hi. >> i'll ask you the question i asked before. leland vittert says syria is moving men, equipment, evacuation, launchers, chemical weapons stock piles. i understand, correct me if i'm wrong, cruise missiles, they're not good for movable targets and underground bunkers. >> and not good at creating air fields, not good as taking out reinforced target, only 250 pounds of tnt in these things. and they have to be programmed, they have to be targeted. it is a process. it takes several minutes for it to get to the target, so it can't hit anything that moves, greta. >> why is this the weapon of choice? seems to me like it is a little like, i hate to be so crass, this is like an earthquake without notice, if we're going to topple a bunch of buildings.
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>> frankly, it is safe. >> safe to what? >> standing off a thousand miles, launching unmanned system against the syrians, flying underneath their anti-aircraft umbrella and striking symbolic targets. >> the whole point of doing this is to achieve a particular goal. >> that's right. >> not trying to get regime change. >> no. >> so what would be the goal here? >> to send a message. the goal is to send a message, and that's actually coming from the administration. the purpose of this strike is to send a message and to maintain american credibility in the region. >> how do we maintain credibility if we knocked out a couple buildings. we have the same guy in charge there. they still have their launchers and their chemical weapons and it's actually become a recruitment, they show pictures of civilians hurt. >> after the dust settles, the syrians look at themselves,
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say wow, that wasn't bad, let's continue the campaign, let's start killing our people again using conventional weapons because that seems to be okay, then what does the united states do? that's when we look bad is when we have this pin prick, if you will, against the syrians, we strike empty buildings and air fields, and then assad is still in power, maybe even stronger in the minds of the syrian people, and then what do we do? we do nothing. >> obviously i was reading the headlines in the english speaking papers in iran, they talk about how one of them says foreign ministry in iran says what kerry presented is based on old stories published by terrorists over a week ago. says russia, u.s. threats to using force against syria is unacceptable, talk about us starting a regional war. the campaign before we even destroyed a building -- which i am okay on if we achieve some particular goal, but we're still
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going to have chemical weapons, launchers to do them, and assad in position. >> we may very well be reinforcing and making stronger the very people in the opposition that hate us. this is the middle east, i understand that, but this is absolutely off the table. there are no american vital strategic interests at play in this strike, none whatsoever. >> is there any instance in recent history where a limited strike, that's what this is considered to be, limited strike, has achieved some very important strategic national goal? >> limited strikes do only one thing, they lead to further limited strikes and perhaps even to war. why is that? because the enemy has a vote, and the enemy can react, running away, scattering, hiding, moving from the strike. now the ball is in his court. and what does he do? does he strike israel? does he go back to kill his
7:16 pm
people? i mean, the horizons are unlimited for the syrian army because they've done one thing and done it well in the eyes of the arab people, they stood up to the great satan and survived it and continued to fight. >> so if you strike, strike hard. >> if you're going to attack the snake, cut off his head, not his tail. >> general, thank you. >> thank you, greta. some democrats demand president obama get congressional approval. a congresswoman joins us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> i understand you want the approval by congress for the president to take military action. why? >> well, the constitution requires it and the war powers act requires that congress vote before -- unless the united states is attacked. the law requires it. more than that, our system of government requires it.
7:17 pm
the american people right now are not for this. and if the president thinks it is the right thing for our country to do, he needs to make his case to the congress and in doing so make his case to the american people. it would be very unwise to move forward without that support. >> is doing a limited attack such as cruise missiles, the president hasn't made a decision, we don't know what he's going to do, it may be what we all assume he's going to do, even for a short period of time, is that an act of war? >> let me ask you this, greta. if somebody dumped cruise missiles on washington, d.c. only for a day, would we consider that not an act of war? >> i would. i certainly would. i must confess. the whole issue, i don't know if it even matters, but this international law, when is it okay to drop missiles on somebody. >> well, this isn't just a question of international, it is
7:18 pm
a question of american law. the president should not initiate war hostilities without a vote of the congress. wanting to talk about international law, we don't have a resolution from the u.n. security council, and in fact, the u.n. has asked that no action be commenced until the inspectors not only are gone but submit their report. so we would be acting in violation of international law as well as american law. and let me just say, i mean, people have suggested, and i signed the letters urging the president to consult congress, but my question is this. why doesn't speaker boehner call us back into session next monday. he as the speaker has the power to reconvene the house at any time, and if he doesn't do that, i can only assume that he is game with the president moving forward without congressional authority. >> i'm with you on that. i think he should have asked you all back earlier than that, but
7:19 pm
i have been hard on everybody about that. i am here tonight anyway. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. obviously we're all watching this extremely closely. thank you. >> thanks very much. straight ahead, should the u.s. strike syria? the experts are here, lindsey graham, john bolden, and oliver north. what does george w. bush think about the crisis and the decision president obama must make. hear from president george w. bush coming up. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
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at this hour, president obama is consulting with french and u.k. leaders but hasn't made a decision. will the u.s. go it alone in syria? john bolton joins us. >> good evening. >> looks like it will be president obama and maybe the
7:23 pm
president of france at this point. things look rather bleak in terms of getting allies. >> thrilling actually. we don't know that the french will use military assets. they will be cheering us on perhaps, but as of now it will be essentially a united states operation, so you have the obama administration with people like joe biden and john kerry who spent years criticizing the bush administration for its unilateralism doing something that truly is unilateral as opposed to things done in the bush administration like the overthrow of saddam hussein that had dozens of coalition members along with them. >> what's the difference between doing it this way and dropping a drone on somebody in yemen that's on a kill list? >> there isn't any difference. the president has full constitutional authority to launch this attack against syria. >> you don't think he has to seek approval? >> absolutely not. >> you disagree with members of congress that want that approval. >> there's a political question whether he would be better off getting congressional approval under the theory in on the
7:24 pm
takeoff, in on the landing, but as a matter of constitutional law, there's absolutely no requirement. if congress doesn't like what he does, they should cut off the funds. >> i thought today secretary kerry, whether you agreed with him or not, looked presidential. i thought it looked bad for the president we get a taped comment from him, sitting around the table with a bunch of people. any thoughts on that? i thought the visual was so lousy. >> the only think president obama wants to do here is check the box that he has done something because the assad regime violated the red line against using chemical weapons. i think this is shaping up to be the most distant use of military force in american history. i think that's why the president won't go in front of it. you can attribute in part prime minister david cameron's humiliation in house of commons to the fact that the american president hadn't made the case effectively. >> how america is perceived in the world matters, you agree? >> yes. >> in light of the fact the
7:25 pm
president is boxed in on this by his red line, now he can't get anyone to help him, can you help him out of this? is there a way to extricate himself, retain credibility in the world so we don't read headlines that syria scared us, we ran away with a tail between the legs? how do we get out of this? >> his credibility is irrepairably damaged. >> he represents the united states. we're all going to live with his credibility. >> i don't think it is repairable. what we have to do is explain to the rest of the world that basically we're in a 1200 day period when the president is not going to be effective, but that doesn't mean that america can't be reinstated into its proper place once you get a real president in washington. i don't think you can -- you look at a president like this, he's not going to change in the last 1200 days, it is just going to get worse. >> the headlines all over the middle east that i looked at, you know, no matter how much you
7:26 pm
exaggerat exaggerated, and wrong, they're still reading it. >> this episode is worse than the last four and a half years. >> it is in our face. >> emblematic of the president's comfort level with a declining, less powerful america. he thinks it is america's strength in the world that causes the problem, so a weaker america will lead to a more peaceful world. that's his view. >> what's the best thing could happen from a limited strike. if everything went the president's way, what happens? >> the best that would happen is iran and others draw the conclusion there's a price to be paid for pursuing weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical, biological. i think there's almost zero chance they'll get it. more that they can get away with it. next, senator lindsey gram goes on the record.
7:27 pm
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this is a fox news alert. war ships are ready to strike syria and president obama is consulting with american allies. senator lindsey graham says now is the time for decisive action. what action should the u.s. take. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> what do you think could possibly be achieved. here is the situation we're in. you've now told president assad we're not going to get rid of him, it will be a short duration, there will be no boots on the ground, and so what's our goal? what are we going to achieve if we do cruise missile attacks? >> nothing but reinforce that we're weak. you nailed it. the president painted himself in a corner in 2012 when he told assad you better not use chemical weapons, and the question is a year later, why would assad use chemical weapons
7:32 pm
after being told by obama not to? in the last year, he used chemical weapons at a low level, assad has, and we've done nothing. so in the year i think president obama has convinced radical islamists that we really don't mean -- that we're not coming their way, after benghazi when four americans were killed, our ambassador was killed, the consulate overrun, no one has been held to account. we send all the wrong signals. benghazi, pulling out of iraq, so assad has sized up obama and said this, i don't really believe the guy means what he says, and a weak response by the president reinforces a longer war, and the longer this war goes on, the more chemical weapons get into terrorist hands. lebanon, iraq are falling apart. the president has mishandled this as badly as he could. quite frankly, the chickens have
7:33 pm
come home to roost from obama foreign policy, leading from behind and being passive. a pinprick strike, giving an aspirin to a person who has cancer is the worst of all worlds. >> the strike as we understand is going to be, this is what's so baffling to me. >> mind boggling. >> cruise missiles which can't hit moving targets, can't hit underground bunkers. assad, who we're not trying to get rid of under this project is going to go in an underground bunker. we're not going to get launchers for the chemical weapons, and we're not going after the chemical weapons themselves, so we knock down a couple military buildings, 24 hours that's over. the president then goes to the g-20, they clean up the rubble. the president rallies the troops, they say look how horrible the americans are, show pictures of dead children we killed. >> this is the response from the president he is having to do
7:34 pm
because he painted himself in a corner, not a logical response to a problem. how many times have you heard the israelis tell the enemy here is where we're going to hit you, here are the weapons we're going to do, and we promise it won't last long. never in the history of military operations has a military campaign been successful when you tell the enemy exactly what you're doing. now he painted himself in a corner with a response. he told the entire world it will be limited in nature. we don't need boots on the ground, but he has taken off the table an effective military response. he is the worst of all worlds. barack obama has put american national security interests and syria in the worst possible condition it could be. >> 30 seconds left. he has a problem within his own party. you have democrats who want answers. they want a robust debate on capitol hill. >> well, what i want is decisive action before it is too late. iran is watching every move we
7:35 pm
make in syria. to say that what we do in syria doesn't effect iranian behavior is unrealistic. we're showing weakness in syria which makes it more likely the iranians march toward a nuclear weapon, and more likely israel will attack. his effort to avoid war, obama has spread war. in his effort to reach out, make peace, we have the finger. at the end of the day if he thought he could go into the mid east, not be like bush, give speeches, charm people, it hasn't worked. radical islamists are not taking obama seriously. this war is going to spread outside syria, this weak response will make things worse, not better. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> so how would a strike on syria go down? lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us. colonel, i want to ask you from what lindsey graham said, we are where we are in this mess. what is the president going to do and what could he do in light of everything that's going on
7:36 pm
right now? give an exit strategy that's good for america. >> after the kerry speech today, everybody thought he decided to postpone it and i don't think he has. >> i thought the opposite. i thought kerry's speech was a warning that we're not going to pay attention to the u.n., we're full speed ahead. >> it sets up obama saying i am not decided, and he has decided. he is going ahead. here is what cruise missiles do in these situations. they make weak presidents look like in the mirror they're stronger. the reality of it is the enemy knows better. as senator graham pointed out, assad knows exactly what's going on. worst of all in this, greta, the cruise missiles are going to strike targets around syria, but not the ones you need. >> they're not going to do the underground bunker and launchers. >> wait. that's the biggest naval base outside russia, bimt by the soviets in the bad days, used by
7:37 pm
the russian navy today, keep saying that, splipg in with mr. putin. and putin doesn't want that base hit so it won't be. on top of that, this is a war, a civil war, being run by an outside party. the islamic revolutionary guard core from tehran. we're not hitting tehran. they're calling the shots how the seer nans fight this. >> it would take guts for this guy to look into the camera and say i should not have said anything about a red line. what i am going to do is immediately beef up security at every one of my embassies all over the middle east and sub saharan africa. you know in nine days, you have the eve of another 9/11 attack. those anniversaries are important to the bad guys. do that immediately. second of all, go to the israelis now and say i'm going to pull back my horns. you've got the southern part of that country targeted, you take care of things you need to take
7:38 pm
care of to be sure you're not hit as reprisal, because syria can't come after us, but the iranians can go after the israelis and every embassy on the planet. lastly, what the president needs to do right away, go to the house select committee on intelligence, senate committee with covert action. i want risk averse intelligence agencies to hire 1,000 contractors, civilians, that are military people that have gotten out that speak the language, there are thousands of them looking for something to do in an economy that never turned around, put them to work recruiting, training, fielding a real syrian freedom fighter movement. it can be done. those people are out there. they've just not been given weapons by erdogan, our ally in turkey. >> i don't see how that works. >> i know a little something about -- >> no, i know.
7:39 pm
i was going to say i was trying to figure out, how to get myself out of that. >> it is not going to finish easily. >> indeed. colonel, nice to see you. coming up, we're so far away. don't you want to know what it is like on the syrian border? one congressman saw this with his own eyes days ago. he goes on the record next. what does george w. bush think of president bashar al assad. he is going to tell you straight ahead. we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely...
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7:44 pm
firefighters on scene are now expected to go home. the fire burning more than 300 acres is now 32% contained. a powerful earthquake rocking alaska's aleutian islands. the magnitude 7 quake sent some to cover. there were no reports of damage or injuries. back to "on the record." >> greta: california congressman duncan hunter just got back from california congressman just got back from the syrian border. what did he see. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> it was an interesting, i'll tell you that. biggest thing we saw when i was there with the democrat ranking member of the armed services committee, adam smith, went to abu dab ian afghanistan after that, here is what's happening. the jordanians, allow women to vote, have liquor stores, a secular country in the middle
7:45 pm
east are kind of the buffer zone in between syria and the rest of the middle east. they're verging on disaster. i talked to the crown prince and other folks, says as jordan goes, so goes the rest of the middle east. jordan is being destabilized by what's happening in syria. that's what we see. we saw a refugee camp with 120,000 syrian refugees, quite ungrateful frankly for the assistance that america and international friends put into that camp. that's what's happening there. they basically closed off the border. now there's no outlet for refugees that are trying to leave the violence and destruction. >> all right. so you have experience that the rest of us haven't, you have been one of the refugee camps in the recent days. are you for the president's military action as best we can tell what it is, again, hasn't decided yet, or are you opposed.
7:46 pm
>> it doesn't matter. the president has to abide by the war powers act. congress needs to be reconvened. >> how about tomorrow. >> fine, tomorrow is fine, too. we need to be briefed so all the members that haven't had service in iraq and afghanistan, like i have, can get the secret briefs. no way you can learn all of the information you need to learn at an open source level. every congressman needs a top secret brief to understand what's going on by the cia, dod, state department, congress needs to vote to grant the president the authority to do military strikes or not. and i would disagree with lindsey graham and oliver north on one thing. cruise missiles can effect things like the air force. right now, one of the things that i learned over there is assad is winning. he is beating the opposition forces right now. so if you are able to militarily
7:47 pm
degrade assad's air force or armor, that would be a good thing. then he wouldn't be able to ride buck shot over the opposition. >> what about the chemical weapons. >> they're as far underground as they can be. we can still degrade military forces which would give the opposition more of a chance, and long term wise, colonel north has it right. allow our friends to train a force that after assad either leaves or is removed that could be from two weeks to two years, we want to be sure we have some influence on the force that's able to occupy damascus and hold it while everything settles down and they try to have some type of islamic democratic republic as well as they can. america should have an influence in that. one of the ways we do that is by training folks that will go in and hold damascus so it doesn't
7:48 pm
go crazy and al qaeda then gets all those chemical weapons because we have to make sure that the right guys get in charge there after all is said and done. but that's a long term issue. >> i was going to say, i have to go. i very much appreciate you being here, especially since you were just there, bringing perspective that i simply don't have. wasn't there in the last couple days. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. straight ahead, is president obama losing more support on syria each day and is there anything he can do to get washington on his side? [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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7:52 pm
is the u.s. opposition to an attack growing? reporter of the hill joins us. nice to see you. >> thanks. >> how describe the present support on capitol hill? growing, flipping or staying the same? >> i think now is slipping fast. right now, the opposition to any operation in syria -- there is met with resistance. as soon as white house started revealing more details as far as chemical attack that's may prompt this action it seems like support for any type of strike in syria has gone down, fast. >> greta: even with revelation of chemical weapons? i think
7:53 pm
the more support he has he'd chip off more m his corner. >> you'd think that. while the issue of chemical weapons use has been a very big deal whit comes to lawmakers on capitol hill, the connection between that and u.s. national security priorities seems to be a not that quite clear. and the more the president keeps trying to make that connection the more disconnect keeps growing. >> i think he zrnt our biggest ally, the brits going with him not that is a big fan of the un but un is not interested. the only one seems to be interested is the president, and just a handful of others. >> yes. it's definitely not the coalition that the administration was looking to build ahead of the strikes but again, as mentioned these different allies sort of falling off, it seems that same time administration is more willing to press ahead with the strikes if they have
7:54 pm
to go it alone or with an ally like, at this point, france. >> greta: do you think speaken boehner is going to be calling the men soon? >> i think there is more of a possibility as the chance of military action goes up, whether or not speaker boehner can bring them back in time we'll have to see. >> greta: nice to see you. >> straight ahead how does former president george w. bush describe the syrian government? you're going hear from the former president, next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
7:55 pm
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or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don'drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> greta: what does former president bush think of the crisis in syria? >> do you see what's happening in syria now. >> yes. >> i know you don't like to comment about what is in the news but you can comment about the syria you dwelt. >> the president has a tough choice to make f you decides to use our military he'll have the greatest military ever. backing him up. >> right. >> what has syria been like
7:59 pm
for the u.s. in the eight years you've served is in the feeling they had in supporting insurgency? there is no doubt about that, am i correct? >> i was not a fan of mr. assad. he's a ally of iran. and he is made mischief. >> for a long time he felt impefshus to america. >> yes. the president has to make a tough decision. >> what about the rest of the world saying we're not sure we're going wait for the un? you've been through that before. >> a president has to make a tough call, brian. you're trying to rope me into the issues of the day. i refuse to be roped in. >> i understand. but i'm not roping in. i need your unique perspective at the leadership level its just putting on mill near harm's way is a tough decision a president will make. >> greta: thank you for being
8:00 pm
with us tonight. a live edition of hannity is next. go to gretawire com. good night. a special also, tonight victoria johnson how she went from saturday night live to the tea party. when did actors become raging socialists.
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